Sunday, 21 March 2010

NetComm Wireless Modem Router

A couple of days ago my F5D7230-4 Belkin wireless router stopped working. I was hoping that it was an adaptor problem, so I went to the electronics shop and tested it with a new adaptor, but unfortunately it still did not work. I've had this router for more than 3 years and I actually like this wireless router as it had been providing me with excellent signal strength.

Now, the way I set up my home networking was by using a modem router given by my ISP, NetComm NB9W. The "W" is supposed to give me wireless support as well but I was not satisfied with the range. It was so hopeless that when I moved to another room, which is not so far away, the signal was extremely weak. That is the reason why I used my Belkin wireless router on top of this modem. I just switched off the modem's wireless option.

I was a man on a mission to get a new wireless N router/modem. I searched online, ebay, and went to a few computer shops. Initially, I was a bit sceptical about "x" in one devices since essentially a wireless router modem is a 3-in-1 device (a modem, a wireless router, and a switch), hence the reason why I used two separate devices. When one goes wrong, I could just replace the faulty one instead of the whole thing. I then went on to see different reviews of different products on the net, including NetGear, NetComm, Linksys, Belkin, and D-Link. I wanted to get another Belkin since it had been proven as a good performer in terms of its wireless signal. I was also told that the NetComm modem that I have is actually one of the lowest ranges, hence the bad quality. In the end, I purchased the new shiny NetComm NB6Plus4Wn, installed it, and surprised on how easy it was to set it up and also it had good signal strength. I have to admit that it is pretty good so far. Here's a picture of my new 11n wireless modem router in action:

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